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8 of the World’s Youngest Murderers

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Children tend to do a lot of stupid things. Some can be unusual and understandable, but some are just plain absurd that they’re not something that you’d expect a child to do.

A perfect example of this is murder and these children found in this list will show you that even children can commit such an atrocious crime.

source: mirror.co.uk

8. Daniel Bartlam, 14

Back in 2011, a 14 year old kid named Baniel Bartlam made headlines by doing something out of the ordinary.

True, teenagers do some of the weirdest things, but what he did was NOT only weird, but it was also shocking and bizarre.

Using a claw hammer, Daniel Bartlam killed his mother, Jacquialine Bartlam, while she was sleeping.

But, what’s even more disturbing was that he put his mother’s body on fire. Then, after doing so, he called the police and reported that a burglar was the one who killed her.

It was a nice plan, but poorly executed and it wasn’t long after detectives found Daniel’s claims to be quite inconsistent.

It also didn’t help that they managed to recover a deleted file which contained all of the child’s murder plans, written as if it was a story.

As a result of his murder, Daniel Bartlam was sentenced to a minimum of 16 years in Prison.

7. Eric Smith, 13

source: murderpedia.org

Eric Smith was just 13 when cops arrested him for the murder of the four year old Derrick Robie. And, how he did this will come as a bit of a shock.

Luring the four-year old in an isolated park, Eric allegedly proceeded to choke the kid. After doing so, he threw rocks at his head and sodomized him using a tree branch.

But, what was even more shocking was that Smith confessed to the murder on his own and as a result, received a minimum sentence of nine years.

As of April 2014, Smith is now a full grown man and appears to suffer from intermittent explosive disorder.

And, in case you’re wondering, yes, he still is in prison and is likely to stay there for the rest of his life, as evidenced by all his parole requests being denied.

source: cnn.com

6. George Stinney, 14

Stinney’s murder charge has got to be one of the oldest cases in this list and probably the only one fueled by racism.

Occurring in 1944, Stinney received a hefty penalty for murdering two white girls. But, what made this murder so bizarre wasn’t how young the murderer was, rather, it was what his sentence was.

Dying via electric chair, Stinney is and will probably be the youngest person to die in such a fashion. And, to add to the mystery, the Stinney family still is trying hard to clear George’s name up until today.

Their case being that there was a clear lack of physical evidence to prove that George Stinney was the murderer.

Feel free to look up George Stinney’s story to know more about what has happened to him over the years.

source: murderpedia.org

5. Alyssa Bustamante, 15

Alyssa Bustamante’s story is as weird as it is touching. Born into a family filled with turmoil, Alyssa had a rough childhood and suffered severe psychological problems.

In fact, reports say that Alyssa once tried to commit suicide to escape all her problems.

Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out and on 2009, Alyssa decided to take out her “frustrations” on her 9-year-old neighbor, Elizabeth Olten.

As a result of her crime, the state tried Alyssa as an adult and sentenced her to life in prison.

source: marcianosmx.com

4. Joshua Phillips, 14

This was a murder that apparently wasn’t murder at all, especially if you go by what the murderer said about what happened.

Joshua Phillips, then 14, claimed that he accidentally hit 8-year-old Maddie Clifton with a ball while they were playing baseball. Maddie then cried non-stop and made Joshua panic. As a result, he hit the 8-year-old on the head to make him stop crying. The boy stopped, but Joshua noticed that he wasn’t talking anymore and he then carried Clifton into their house and hid her body under his bed.

A week later, Phillips’ mother found Clifton’s body because she smelled something foul coming from her child’s room.

While the story may not be as detailed as you’d like, it’s the sort of scenario that could happen to any teenager. But, the court never really took this as an excuse and instead, sentenced Philips to life in prison without a possibility of parole and a first degree murder charge.

source: grotesqueandarabesque.blogspot.com

3. Mary Bell, 11

Back in 1968, a sweet-little 11-year-old coming by the name of Mary Bell murdered two boys from her hometown. The two boys were Martin Brown and Brian Howe, aged 4 and 3 respectively. And while you may have expected this coming as this list is all about child murderers, what she did will still come as quite a shock.

This is because Mary Bell murdered these two boys in two separate occasions.

The first she murdered was Martin Brown, whom she strangled and left to die in an abandoned house. A few months later, she went to Brian Howe and with the help of Norma Joyce Bell, strangled the 4-year-old and left him to die as well. What’s worse, though, was that the little girls mutilated Howe’s body and cut the letter “M” into his stomach.

As of 1980, Bell’s been a free woman and well, she hasn’t really gained much media attention after her release.

2. Paul Henry Gingerich, 12

source: indystar.com

On the 21st of April, 2010, two kids named Paul Henry Gingerich and Colt Lundy killed a man named Phillip Danner. The latter of which being the stepson of the said man. And, as for motive, reports say that it was because they were planning to run away to Arizona together, Lundy knew that his stepfather would oppose so they decided to take care of him.

As a result of their crimes, Gingerich received a sentence of 30 years in prison. But, what was nice was that he had the possibility of a parole by the age of 18, with the condition being that he had gone through his rehabilitation program.

Of the many murders in this list, this has got to be one of the most controversial because the public had varying opinions about the sentence. There were those that believed that the sentence was too severe, while others say that the boy shouldn’t be sentenced at all. And, both of these claims that Gingerich was merely a victim of manipulation by the 15-year-old Lundy.

As for Lundy, though, there’s a general consensus saying that he should’ve been tried as an adult.

source: thesun.co.uk

1. Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, both 10

On 1993, the two boys Jon Venables and Robert Thompson decided to kill a three-year-old boy just for the heck of it. Yes, while others in this list often cite past child abuse and a bunch of other factors as reasons, these two didn’t have any at all.

In fact, the main reason why they’re at the top of the list is how they left the three-year-old boy named James Bulger to die on railway tracks. True, the railway had little to do with the death of the boy, as the two had already “mauled” him to death. But, it sure didn’t help.

Released under tight parole agreements back in 2001, the motive for why the two killed the little boy remains unknown up until this very day.

Some say it’s because of violent movies, while some say the two are just suffering from a form of illnesses. Though, whatever the case may be, this still remains as one of the worst cases of murder committed by a child in history.