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9 Things You Should Never Eat

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Everyone has one or two foods that they will never eat, whether this is peas, tofu, livers of onion, but whatever they are, it is probably because you cannot stand the taste. It is not necessarily because it contains ingredients that might cause cancer or because they were picked by farmers wearing Hazmat suits. That being said, there’s still tons of foods that on the shelves, that people refuse to eat, purely because they know what goes on behind the scenes.

I have compiled a list foods that you should not eat… at all and the very first one on the list is a shocker!

Canned Tomato

1. Boiled Coke

There’s an old saying: “Put a penny in a coke and see what happens to it”, only thing is, that even though coke is really bad for you generally, that is not why! Have a look at this video of a “science experiment” a guy did just so he can see what happens to boiled coke. After a few minutes, everything is burned off except for the sugar and chemicals. This video really shows what you are ingesting when you drink coke!

2. Canned Foods

BPA is a very toxic chemical that can be linked to reproductive abnormalities, neurological effects, heightened risk of breast and prostate cancers, diabetes, and heart disease… and that is just to name a few. If you want to avoid these dangerous chemicals, you need to try and avoid any and all canned foods completely. Stick to fresh fruits and vegetables, or try switching to brands that use glass containers. And this is especially true for acidic foods such as tomatoes.

3. Margarine

The list of unhealthy components in margarine is endless, this includes trans fats, free radicals, emulsifiers and preservatives, hexane, as well as other toxic solvents. Raw milk butter, if made from grass-fed cows, is rich in beneficial conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and this is known to help fight cancer and diabetes.