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Amazing Animal Rescues That Restore
Faith In Humanity

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According to religion, humans are supposed to be shepherds of the world. We are meant to take care of it, look out for it and ensure it thrives, flourishes and abides our authority. Some may call it egotistical, some may think it is common sense for the common man. But no one can ignore the pain of an adorable animal, one that has submitted itself to us. It infuriates us to see people taking advantage, and that happens much too frequently. However the following stories may give you some hope, that while evil is definitely kicking it here on earth, it isn’t residing alone on our planet.

1. Patrick

Patrick was found wrapped in a garbage bag after being thrown down a chute.He looked more like a corpse than a living dog, and it was a miracle anyone spotted the difference. Right before the garbage truck came, nearly taking Patrick along with the trash, Patrick was rescued. He was taken to a facility where he was cared for by professionals, until his vitality was restored.

Patrick healthy3