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Arachnophobes Beware! 10 Spider
Tattoos That Grab The Eye

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Spiders are more than the creatures some of us fear in nature – they hold meaning far beyond that. As did so many other creatures and aspects of nature they have inspired us as a species to think again about our decisions, about our choices in life and our power over it. Spiders have been a symbol of mystery, power and growth to ancient cultures – and that meaning has carried over.

So is it really so surprising that so many people choose to tattoo themselves with such a creature? After all associating yourself with power, cunning, progress, creation, protection and the many other features attributed to the spider is not such a bad thing.

Tattoos are an expression. Of what? That depends on the person, but the thing to remember is, that if you want an interesting life, keep your eyes open, ask questions first and make up your mind later – and keep the option of changing it open.

Here are some of the most eye popping, attention-grabbing spider tats:

There are those who claim that the different parts of your body represent different aspects of your personality. Whether or not the person knew this when choosing this spot or not is a question worth asking. Also, does it matter?