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Artist Puts an Evil Twist on Favorite Childhood Characters! What He Did Will Shock You!

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Have you ever wondered what  evil, twisted and maniacal Homer would look like? Well, maybe Homer is already somehow evil. Think about it. What kind of a father would drink in front of his children? Oh, and ring their necks!

But he doesn’t exactly look the part, so he’s somehow excused from that.

And, when you think about it, are there any childhood characters that actually look  evil? Even villains, though quite evil, weren’t exactly as evil as we had hoped they would be.

So, basically, we’re left to our own devices. We resort to using our imagination to see what our favorite cartoon characters would look like if they were diabolical, or truly evil. And just when I resigned to that fate, there came Dan LuVisi.

For introduction’s sake, Dan is a digital concept artist based in Los Angeles, the city of angels. He thought that it would be a good idea to bring all these childhood fantasies of ours to life.

LuVisi told Huffpost that he was inspired by childhood nostalgia. Much like most of us, he grew up on Disney and Nickelodeon cartoons. What he wanted to do was to somehow show the darkness of Hollywood, and how it corrupts many of its biggest stars. And well, he thought it would be a good idea to do this through cartoon characters.

He even  created some pretty interesting backstories that explain what happened to the characters and how everything came to be. Because while a photo is worth a thousand words, the “why” of it all is word 1,001.

Mind you, what he did to some of our favorite childhood characters is far from what we’ve imagined them to be. In fact, be prepared, because some things, you just can’t unsee.

Homer Simpson of “The Simpsons”


Mickey Mouse of “Disney” 


Donald Duck of “Disney”


Goofy of “Disney”


Ernie and Bert of “Sesame Street”


Kermit of “The Muppets” 


Eve of “Wall-E”


Lenny and Carl of “The Simpsons”


Finn and Jake of “Adventure Time”


Mike Wazowski of “Monsters Inc.”


Otto of “The Simpsons”


Cookie Monster of “The Sesame Street”


LuVisi plans on releasing his works in a book,  collaborated with his friend Alex Konstad. While a work-in-progress, he already has a name for the book: “Popped Culture”. which is clearly a derivation of the term “pop culture”.

You can reach out to Dan Luvisi through these links:

Danluvisiart.com | Blogspot | Facebook | DeviantArt