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With revealing outfits, their pretty looks and dance moves, cheerleaders get a lot of attention. But these aren’t the only things that are eye-catching. On occasion, a thing called a wardrobe malfunction takes place– and it is quite a sight.

Come-From-Behind Victory!


This cheerleader has great legs. But she also has a wedgie that is running really tight press coverage all the way up the field. Next time, she should loosen up her routine so she’s doesn’t have an oops moment.

There are some people out there who treat the world as their own private playground and act as if we live in the wild west, where there are no rules whatsoever and one can do whatever acts comes to mind, no matter how crazy that act may be. Here are 11 people who did some crazy things, leaving all shame behind them. We are somewhere in between admiring and being disgusted by them.

Grabby Grandpa


He’s got his hands all over the family.

You may have seen lists filled with scary people before, but you ain’t seen nothing yet till you take a look at this list. From murderers, to plastic surgery “victims” and suspects with creepy mugshots, here are 10 of the scariest people you’ve probably ever seen!

1. Jason Barnum


Convicted with one count of first degree attempted murder and two counts of third degree assault, Jason certainly acted and looks the part of a criminal you wouldn’t want to mess with.

The horrible HIV Virus took the lives of many and is still threatening many more. While some famous people have died from Aids (Freddie Mercury, Rock Hudson), others keep on living with HIV for years. Here are some known celebrities who are struggling with HIV on a daily basis.

1. Viktor Luna


The designer and star of reality TV show “Project Runaway” admitted to being HIV positive on camera. He contacted the virus seven years earlier.

Love. One of the most revered emotions a person can experience. When one experiences love it can change worlds, manipulate time and bring down the defenses of even the most sour of people. But some of it’s forms are very peculiar and here you will witness 17 cases which show just how weird love can get.

Love Knows No Age


No idea what drew them to each other, but they sure look happy!

There’s a thin line between practicing Yoga and being drunk. OK, a very thick one, as Yoga is one of the most beneficial activities a person can do, while being drunk is on the other edge of the scale, as it is both dangerous and can lead to nasty and very regrettable situations. Here you will find 9 Yoga postures and their opposites, 9 extreme cases of drunkenness.

Virasana / Hero Pose


This pose (asana) helps our body digest food, stretches the knees, ankles and thighs and can help relive menopause symptoms. Being Drunk on your knees is one of the least heroic acts a person can find her/himself in, will actually worsen pains and could cause the digestion to reverse it’s course.

The bottom part of the human body is also the most attractive, according to some people. Whether that’s true or not, here are the 19 most famous, luscious and well shapes female bottoms to ever rock a pair of pants, or much less than it.

1. Emily Ratajkowski


The American model turned actress is known for her very fine physique, especially that of her bottom part.

Tattoos are sexy. Celebrities too. So a celebrity with a tattoo? SERIOUSLY sexy. Here are some of the hottest celebrities out there with their hot tattoos.

Jessica Alba


We thought Jessica is a goodie-2-shoes. But any girl with a tramp-stamp can probably teach us a thing or two.

Picking your nose is one of the greatest pleasures life has to offer, yet it is also EXTREMELY embarrassing to get caught in the act. Of course being a celeb means cameras and paparazzi are an inseparable part of your life, and you are at a higher risk of getting caught, as the next pics prove. Let the Games Of Noses begin!

1. John Travolta


It’s a good thing he wears protection gloves.

In the past, if you didn’t like the way you looked, you had a real big issue. Nowadays it’s very easy to change (almost) any part of your body with a stroke of a scalpel. While some surgeries are plain horrible, others show great improvement to a person’s looks and here you will find the most drastic yet magnificent changes happened thanks to the magic that is plastic surgery.

Jessica Leigh, Nose Job