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Plastic surgery is usually something women use if they want to be much more than they really are. But once the cutting’s done, the result is sometimes a bit of a flop – quite literally. From the divided mountains, to the weather balloons, to the mismatches, somewhere a doctor should be getting a call.

Tori Spelling


Tori admitted that she’s been walking around with breast implants that have been expired.

Ever wonder if you’re a Redneck or not? Well grab the hound, the shot gun, comb that mullet, throw on your best plaid, call your girlfriend/cousin to tell her you are running late and check these facts to see if you are or ain’t. Righty y’all?

The Pumpkin Test

The Halloween pumpkin on your porch has more teeth than your spouse

Is the Halloween pumpkin on your porch has better, nicer teeth than your spouse, mother, sister or anyone in the family over 16?

 If you’re in your twenties, you know the struggle is real. Every single day, you are forced to make a myriad of decisions that you just don’t wanna be making. We know how hard it is and we sympathize with you, so we gathered the 10 worst decisions every 20+ person has to make, but would rather sell a kidney instead of making.

Sleep More or Shower?


Yup, we all know what the ultimate decision will be most of the time. If you’re hung over, that extra half an hour of sleep is a sanctuary we know you won’t be willing to give up easily.

They made headlines in their lifetime, through their looks, talents, money and fame. But sadly their last image in the public eye was the circumstances of their death. Here are 11 celebs who left this world in a weird manner.

Paul Walker


 This Fast and Furious star died in the most unfortunate & ironic of circumstances – he died in a car crash.

There’s an unspoken rivalry between motorcyclists and us car driving motorists. Car-drivers are always eager to complain about bikers unfairly passing them by in traffic or curse their deafening engines roars. It is in that spirit of resentment that we present this freak show, featuring the weirdest sights you’ll ever see on the road, all of them on motorcycles.

They live in in beachfront villas or luxury penthouses, but they began their rise to the top at more humble dwelling – often sharing a room or flat with future stars just like themselves! Here are the 9 most famous pairs of celebs who shared a flat in their early days.

Chace Crawford & Ed Westwick


Wow, we wouldn’t complain about being roomies with these two hotties. The “Gossip Girl” co-stars used to live together during the first couple of seasons of the show in New York.

Some of us think that promiscuity and changing relationships are synonymous with Hollywood. However, not all celebs change men or women like they change underwear. Some have been in long and committed relationships for a very long time. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most surprising couples in long-term relationships, so we’ll be inspired to have one ourselves.

David and Victoria Beckham

Soccer star David Beckham sits with his wife Victoria during the Los Angeles Lakers against Denver Nuggets NBA playoff game in Los Angeles

David and Victoria Beckham started going out way back in 1997. They got married about two years later and have been together since. That’s 18 years we’re talking about. Congrats guys!