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Celebrity in a bikini, or any other swimwear, is usually eye-candy. Yet every now and then one of our more distasteful stars is caught seen in a swimsuit that simply must be banned. Here are the top 13 celeb bikinis that have taken it way, WAY too far.

Coco Austin

The actress, glamour model and wife of rapper Ice-T must be buying her bikinis in the kids section. The fact that this bikini is still intact (sort of) is sheer miracle in our eyes.

Mother-in-laws are always a tricky business, but when you’re marrying into the most famous royal family in the world – well, there’s definitely a price to pay. Apparently the Queen has got a lot to say about the Duchess of Cambridge and her lifestyle choices, and she’s not exactly keeping it to herself! Here are 17 such incidents in which Her Majesty expressed discontent in regards to the future queen.

Too Much Legs

Talk about wardrobe malfunction! The Queen has ordered Kate to avoid skirts such as those in the pictures above, after a few “accidents” allowed for some rather unladylike photos to be taken of the Princess. We’re sure plenty of men were disappointed to hear that.

Up next – the Queen is a role model when it comes to spending money, but what about Kate?

How refreshing to deal with armpits instead of other popular body parts for a change. We like it when social norms are being challenged, and this new trend of dyeing your armpit hair is spot on in our eyes. So here’s a quick peek into Miley’s head to guide you on how it’s done:

1. I Need A Change


Sometimes you just feel like you really need to change something drastically in your life. Weather you want to draw attention or simply to see yourself looking different, you’ll need a big pair of balls (in the case of a wrecking ball one might be enough).


There’s no doubt that being a teenager is not easy, yet being a teenager’s parent can be even more challenging. The need to push boundaries and to experiment extreme situations is at it’s peak in our teenage years, and sometimes it may lead to reckless and dangerous behaviors that can even be life-threatening. Weather you are a teen or a parent, you should probably know these bizarre and extreme trends, and what their consequences might be.

 1. Snapchat


Snapchat resembles other social networks, with one major difference: all the photos, videos, texts and drawings are viewed and then deleted after a limited time span (1 to 10 seconds). Teens use this app for sexting, cyberbullying, cyberstalking etc. Recently, a 16-year-old fatally shot his peer in the face before taking a “selfie” photo with his body. He sent the image to a friend via Snapchat, who saved it on his phone before it was deleted, showed the photo to his mother and she turned the image over to police.

A quick look at some classical art pieces can reveal how much have our beauty model been transformed over the years. The once curvy and voluptuous feminine figures that used to be adored have been replaced by skinny, carved women’s bodies, and it is no surprise that girls all over the world suffer from serious issues of body image and eating disorders. To balance things up a bit, here are some 8 amazing stars who are a living proof that women can be both real-sized and extremely hot:

1. Christina Aguilera

Ranked number one on Maxim’s Hot 100 Women of 2003, Aguilera has also appeared on every one of Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 of the year lists, for 11 years in a row. Regarding her look, Christina said she’s been constantly criticized since her career took off at 17. We can never be perfect, said the singer, and women need to be strong and confident since they are under massive scrutiny. Her secret is to be happy in her own skin, and that’s all the confirmation she needs.