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Harry Potter was one of the most successful series of books and movies in the world and reintroduced wizards and witchcraft to the world and brought them to the heart of the mainstream. Fans admired the boy wizard and his friends and slightly obsessed over them. In order to keep the obsession alive we present to you 10 of the stars from the series and their current great looks. Enjoy!

Emma Watson (Hermione Granger)


Before she was cast as Hermione Granger, Emma Watson have played only in school plays. Fast forward ten years later, and Watson is an actress, model, activist and an admired fashionista. She’s also £10 million richer! This young beauty hasn’t stopped since, and she split her time between working on film projects and continuing her education in Brown and Oxford Universities. Well done Emma! Hermione would have been so proud.

What does “a good sense of humor” actually mean?

Is it the ability to memorize and tell jokes ? Is in the ability to understand jokes and laugh at them. Is it the ability to do something stupid and laugh at yourself for it ? What exactly is it ? And why is it considered a very important aspect of one’s personality ? A funny person is sharp witted because he is AWARE of his surroundings. People with a good sense of humor are just very observant people who can put a clever spin on what they see. And this list is dedicated to those. WATCH.



August11_1 They say that an artist shows signs of “genius” in his or her earliest years. This is why experts encourage parents to let their children explore their talents and do what they love most. True, a child learning how to play drums early may not make it big as a drummer, but fact is, playing drums is still a pretty neat skill. The same goes for letting children draw everything they see.

For Dutch Artist, Telmo Pieper, well, he wasn’t exactly a childhood prodigy. To say that he had prowess in drawing as a child wasn’t just something that would describe him perfectly. Though, he seemed quite proud about it. In fact, he was proud enough about his childhood doodles that he found himself inspired to do something about them.

He says that he just found himself fascinated how strange his drawings were as a child. He further said that his “style” as a child was hard to copy, but he found it possible to imitate it and work it out a bit more further.

What did he do?

Well, you’d have to scroll down below to find out!











From the words of the famous Pablo Picasso, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”.

Do check Telmo Pieper’s website for more of his creative works at Telmo Pieper

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Lots of people love science, or at least they pretend to do so. And regardless of which of the two you are, I’m pretty sure that you think that you know lots of scientific facts.

For example, I’m quite sure you know that the world isn’t flat. Or that the moon landing wasn’t staged. Or that cancer is not a man-made disease (Though, that could be up for interpretation).

Anyway, all I’m saying is that you may know lots of scientific facts. While that may be true, not everything you know is well, true. Fact is, some of these scientific fats you know of are nothing just myths and fluff.


Cracking Your Knuckles Will Cause Arthritis

Lots of people believe that cracking your knuckles will cause arthritis, but believe me, it won’t. There’s no scientific evidence that justifies that claim and there probably will never be.

One thing is for sure though and it’s that some people may see you cracking your knuckles as a sign of aggression or hostility. So, you may want to avoid doing so, especially in cases where some people may see it as a negative sign.


The Moon Has a Huge Effect on Our Behavior

No, this isn’t true and it will never be. True, the moon’s gravitational pull does affect the world, but it’s effect is more geographic. There’s not a single scientific evidence in this world that proves that it affects the people’s moods, etc.

So when someone says that they become assholes at night and most especially on a full moon, don’t believe them. They simply are just assholes.


Chewing Gum Takes 7 Years To Digest

Swallowing chewing gum is something that people has done since well .. chewing gum came to be. Though, what people say about it taking 7 years to digest in the human body isn’t true.

Fact is, when it comes to chewing gum, it will be out of your body as soon as possible. The whole thing won’t even stay inside for more than a week.


We only use 10% of Our Brains

This is a “scientific fact” that has a bit of truth behind it. True, we don’t use ONLY 10% of our brains, but we can only use that much consciously as well. The rest of the brain works on auto-pilot, keeping us alive, keeping our hearts beating, our instincts and so on and so forth.

What would happen to us if we gained 100% control of our brain, even the subconscious parts? Well, who knows, but until then, the “scientific fact” about us using only 10% of our brain will remain as it is, a myth.


There Exists a Dark Side of the Moon

The dark side of the moon technically does exist, but there’s no such thing as a “dark side”. You know, the side that people don’t always see.

Just think about it. The moon rotates all the time, so for it to have an unseen dark side is just absurd. Sure, it may not look like it, but right this very moment, the moon is twirling slowly.

And the dark side I’m talking about? It’s the side that you can’t see, for now that is.


Kids Can Get “Sugar High”

Kids getting sugar high isn’t really, but they do get excited when they eat chocolate and other sweet stuff. Though, it’s more of because they love eating that stuff than what eating it actually does to them.

Fact is, kids will always be hyperactive, and regardless of what you feed them, they’ll always tear your house up and down.


Lightning Never Strikes the Same Place Twice

They say that lightning never strikes the same spot twice, but that isn’t exactly true. Just look up the Empire State Building online and you’d see a few “posts” about it getting struck by lightning a hundred times or so every year.

So, either that they’re lying or the lightning never strikes the same spot twice thing isn’t true. I’m leaning towards the latter.

When it comes to science, facts change all the time. Unless it’s a proven law, it’s bound to change every now and then. So, whatever I may have disproved here may be true in a few years time. Until then, though, it’s all lies.

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It’s not often that you see someone wearing all black walking around like it’s nothing. More so in this modern age and time. But, what’s even more unusual is for you to see a woman walking around for miles while doing so. Though, that’s what exactly this most recent “internet phenom” has done over the past few weeks.

Moving through the countryside and cladin all-black, this lady has become quite the legend herself, though not in a good way.

Some people have go on to say that the she’s a ghost of sorts. While some believe that she’s the wife of the grim reaper. But, as you may have guessed, all those assumptions aren’t true, as you’ll learn later on.

Trending as the #womaninblack, she’s walked along rural highways and small towns over the last two months. She’s also unique in the sense that she doesn’t talk to anyone. She does, however, accept the ocassional help from strangers, but that’s pretty much it. Most of the time, she just walks and walks and walk.


As you can see from the shared images and tweets above, she isn’t exactly as ghastly as some people think. In fact, some have gone as far as to say that she looks kind. Though, none can prove that because she doesn’t talk to anyone, nor takes the time to do so. She just goes on with her to walk towards wherever she wants to. But, where exactly she wants to go is a big question mark to everyone. In fact, most people don’t exactly know where she is.

If you’re curious, then let me tell you that she’s not a ninja. Nor is she someone from an Islamic nation, nor has she ever worked for the Pentagon or is in a mission of sorts. So, hold your horses and keep your imaginations at bay for now.

For starters, she’s Elizabeth Poles, 56-years-old and a resident of Motts, Ala. This is according to the Herald-News of Rhea County who has already covered Elizabeth’s story. Her brother, Raymond Poles, has already confirmed her identity. In addition to that, her brother also stated that she’s grieving the death of her husband and her father. The two of which she lost in consecutive years from 2008 to 2009.

Her brother also divulged other more important about the mystery #womaninblack. He said that she’s an army veteran and that she started shaving her head and going off as she pleased ever since her father and husband died. He further adds that she’s continued to receive treatment from a veteran’s hospital for this. But, looking at how she’s roaming the countryside again, it’s safe to say that her treatment hasn’t been working.

August22_4As far as we can tell and as far as I can research myself, there’s still no clear reason all the travelling that the #womaninblack is doing. But, when you think about it, it doesn’t really even matter.

Though, as far as I can tell, what she’s wearing may be a reference to Ezekiel 7:18. The verse goes as “They will put on sack cloth and be clothed with terror. Every face will covered with shame and every head will be shaved.”.

Fact is, whatever her reasons may be, the #womaninblack has given plenty of reason for many people to appreciate what they have. Not only that, she’s also made lots of people show their generous sides and offer help.

A lot of bystanders have even begun referencing to another slightly famous bible verse. The verse Hebrews 13:2 goes on to say “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”.

So, the question now is, is she an angel or just someone that needs help? I’m learning more towards the latter, but hey, miracles do happen. Who knows? Maybe she really is an angel.

In any case, here’s to hoping Elizabeth Poles to be safe in whatever she plans on doing and wherever she plans to go!

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There are only a few sights in this world that can claim the title “Stairway to Heaven”. But, only one seems to be the front runner for being the one that rightfully deserves so. Though, the whole place gets the title not because it’s heavenly, but because it could probably send you to heaven right away. Or, hell.

The picture you see above is of the “Haiku Stairs” found in Hawaii. It’s a 4,000-step ladder that makes it for a long and scary hike, just to say the least. Though, when you look at the other attractions in Hawaii, it seems that the word “illegal” is part of them.

The so-called “Stairway to Heaven” is somewhat of a mecca for daredevils. Hikers that love the thrill of walking with their lives on the line flock to the place by the dozens. Yes, even if the whole place has been illegal for 26 years and will probably always be, it’s still one of Hawaii’s most famous tourist spots.

According to http://www.bestplaceshawaii.com, the ladder has existed since 1943 during the World War II. Soldiers and civilians used it extensively to access the buildings on top that served as transmission stations. Though, these days, it’s found itself another purpose, and that is to prove to everyone just how much of a badass you are!

Do check out some of the photos below to see just how scary the whole hike can be.





I’m not saying that any one of you guys should do it, but I’m pretty sure that the scariest height of this whole hike could make for a great selfie.

In one of the posts before, I featured a very dangerous selfie on top of the Christ Statue at Rio De Janeiro. And, I’m pretty sure that any selfie taken on the dangerous heights in the so-called “Stairway to Heaven” would give that selfie a run for its money.

Fact is, though, the whole place is more like a Hike to Hell when you think about it.

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If there’s anything that the majority of us adults and teenagers remember, it’s that back then, we imagined living in galaxies far far away. We also imagined flying cars, being cyborgs, as well as a few other things as a result of watching too many sci-fi movies.

It turns out, though, that these days, it’s no longer just something that’s a product of our imaginations. Fact is, with the help of modern technology, some of these things have come true.

True, some of them are still in prototype phases, but we can’t deny the fact that we’re only years away from making these sci-fi inventions come true.



Prosthetic Limbs

Technology and medicine always go hand-in-hand in making our lives better. One of their more recent inventions isn’t an exception.

The prosthetic limb is the brainchild of the people over at DARPA. For those that don’t know, DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. And no, it isn’t an agency for the crippled or disabled. Rather, it’s just an agency that develops advanced technological devices, such as the prosthetic limb that we’re talking about here.

This limb works in a way that it connects directly into your nervous system. This means that you can actually feel what you’re doing using the bionic arm. (In one way or another, people fitted with this may be considered as cyborgs.)

Those who have bionic arms will be able to grab, squeeze or do pretty much anything that a regular hand can. True, it still has its own limitations, but it’s still one huge step for those who have disabilities.



Rail Guns

What’s sad about this thingamajig is that it’s not built for hand-carrying. So, your hopes of living those “Quake” and “Unreal Tournament” dreams of yours will just have to wait. What’s even sadder, though, is that the senate has officially shut down this project.

Then again, it’s not all that bad. To know that such a technology exists is more than consolation enough.

As for the details, this electromagnetic gun can fire an 18-inch bullet at 5,000 mph. It also has a 100 mile range. Just think about what this can do to modern warfare. And if you’re wondering if it costs a lot to produce, yes, it does. But, mass production and even using it is deemed as environmentally friendly.

Thus, this begs the question, why was this project shut down!?




The hologram technology available today is still far from what we’ve seen in sci-fi movies, but it does show a lot of promise.

In fact, the media has used this technology to show renderings of Tupad and Michael Jackson. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to use this technology to make phone calls in a few years time.

For now, however, we’ll just have to settle for whatever dead artist they plan on projecting using the hologram next.



Probe Droids

Once again, we have our friends over at DARPA to think for this wonderful technology.

For those wondering, these probe droids have one mission and that is to explore the unknown. It’s fitted with cameras and space-age technology, which make these more than capable of roaming around anywhere on earth. More importantly, it has a giant robotic claw to scare people off. Err .. I mean, to grab things or drop off objects.



Laser Cannons

If there’s one naval force that countries from all over the world shouldn’t mess with, it’s the US Navy. Even before I said this, the US Navy was already one of the top naval forces in the world. Though, they seem to have solidified their hold on this spot by fitting their battleships with these powerful Laser cannons.

Meant to down drones from long distances, it’s not a surprise that they’ll use this take down jets, missiles and other whatnots that may threaten the security of the land of the free.


This list isn’t just it. Fact is, there are lots and lots of modern stuff born out of sci-fi today!

If you see one or two of these technologies floating around or have info about them, do feel free to send us an email and we’ll be sure to add it to this list.

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Weddings are and will always be boring. No matter how lovely the bride is, or how dashing the groom looks, it’ll always be boring. After all, what could be more boring than watching two people walk down the isle, exchange words and well … that’s pretty much it? In fact, the only reason why most people go to weddings because they’re invited and they’re happy for the bride and groom. Plus, the after party or the so-called reception almost always guarantees something nice is going to happen.

Then again, when you’re young, weddings are almost always fun. Though, fact is, nobody really is young for quite a long time and this is why weddings tend to become boring.

These men, though, thought of that as well and instead of giving up and believing that weddings are boring, they did something about it.

Just look at the photos below and you’ll see that these groomsmen do men all over the world proud!

Marriage in a Nutshell (LOL)


Paying Homage to the Return of the King! (I hope his wife doesn’t take her talents to South Beach LOL!)


Presenting …. The Supergrooms!


Paying Homage To What People Say About Marriage Being a Death Sentence


Just Men Errr .. Boys Being Boys


The Spielberg Fanboyism Is Strong In This Picture …


This is Probably the Last Time This Man Will Be In Power for the Rest of His Married Life


OMG! OMG! OMG! He’s Got a Ring!


If there’s anything to take from all these photos, it’s that whoever the brides may be, they’re lucky they get to marry such hilarious young men. After all, not every bridge gets to share her life with a man that knows how to turn a boring occasion into something fun and exciting.

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Would you mind if I asked you where you live? Chances are, you live in a city village or subdivision or a condominium perhaps, and wherever it may be, you’re more likely to belong in a community or not. That is a fact. What is also true, though, is that despite belonging to a community, you rarely hang out with the people in it.

I’m guessing that you don’t even know who your next door neighbor is. Even if you do, you may not know what they do for a living or at least, know them only on a face-to-face basis. That means, well, you barely know them.

Say Hello to the Residents of Cuzco, Peru

For the villagers living in Cuzco, Peru, living in a community means much more than knowing each other by name. For them, being in a community means that you know each other and that you work with each other in times of need. And to help make sure that this bond is secure, they have a yearly tradition of building a suspension bridge over the River Apurimac.

A tradition that dates back hundreds of years, the length alone is amazing, but to add to that, what they actually do is even more amazing. This is because not only do they build a suspension bridge, but rather, it’s a bridge that’s spun and built by hand!

True, this isn’t exactly on the same scale as the golden gate bridge or other famous suspension bridges, but fact is, such a feat still is astonishing.

To think that a whole community can come together to build something on this scale definitely shows what team work can do.

Check out these photos for more information!

Everyone gets in on the action here, even the babies!




And here’s some of the villagers using the same suspension bridge they just built to cross the river!


To build a bridge like this really does require a village, especially since it’s made from hand. Though, if we’re to learn something from these villagers, it’s that technology and the comforts of living have changed all of us.

What is that you may ask? It’s the tightness the people that follow the old ways still have. It’s their dedication and beliefs in their traditions, as well as their talents born out of it.

If only the rest of the world were like this, who knows, may be we’d be building skyscrapers for the poor in a matter of months.

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Not a lot of kids are born without the sense of hearing. Even smaller are the number of those born that are not only completely deaf, but also, completely blind as well. Brenden Borellini is one of those unfortunate enough to have been born with both disabilities.

In an unexpected turn of events though, he used this disability of his to turn himself into quite the artist. Through the help of hard work, perseverance and the Special Education Unit at the Cavendish Road State School in Brisbane, he finish his high school education. This was a monumental feat not only for him, but for much of the world as well. This is because this made Brenden the first deaf and blind student to finish high school and attend a university.

His achievements didn’t go unnoticed. In 1989, he received the Young Australian of the Year Award for his Academic Achievements. Though, Brenden wasn’t just contended on what he had achieved by then.

When he moved to Mackay from Brisbane, Brenden met Steve Mayer-Miller. Steve is an artistic director for Crossroad Arts, which is a local organization that aims to help people with disabilities and give them access to arts and crafts. Put it simply, it’s an “art school” for those with disabilities.

Steve said that the whole idea of photography for someone who was both blind and deaf was new to him. In fact, he hadn’t worked with somebody that had both disabilities before. Sure, he had worked with deaf and blind people before, but not someone who unfortunately has both. Though, Steve seemed as determined as Brenden and as a result, he started teaching Brenden all about photography.

How Does Blind Photography Work?

Since Brenden was blind, he couldn’t criticize his own work. Steve knew this and he worked on a custom structure wherein Brenden would receive feedback about the shots that he’d taken. This included objective, technical and even subjective feedback and all would be honest and something that he could build on.

To aid Brended, people working with him also used a device that converted text to braille. This way, they could easily give Brenden an objective view of his works by explaining the photograph in much detail. Then, Brenden would receive technical feedback complete with photography language such as composition, light, shutter, effect, etc.

He then received subjective interpretations of his photograph. Meaning, people will tell him what they felt while looking at his works, etc.

For those wondering what Brenden sees in all these, well … you’re not alone. In fact, an arts group once used research devices to help Brenden internet the textures in the photograph. These devices work in a way that they enable two dimensional images to become three dimensional ones. Though, even with this, Brenden really still couldn’t see.

Then again, photography for Brenden wasn’t really about seeing. Rather, it was for him to find a way to fight away feelings of isolation and allow him to communicate with other people.


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