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13 Best Immune System Boosting Fruits & Vegetables

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With how the weather is today, cold and flu are just right around the corner, THE WHOLE YEAR ROUND. There’s not even a cold and flu season anymore. That said, it’s more important these days to get your immune system in the best possible shape. And no, I’m not talking about getting immunity shots, though those can help as well. I’m talking about getting enough sleep, the right amount of exercise and more importantly, good food. These three can really do a lot for your health and can keep cold and flu away, among many other diseases. But, preparing healthy food all the time isn’t that easy. It takes time. Lucky for you, though, fruits and vegetables are available as an alternative. Mind you, even though they don’t need any sort of preparation, certain fruits and vegetables pack quite the punch when it comes to boosting
your immune system!

1. Blueberries


Almost everybody knows what blueberries are and how good they are for the immune system. But, despite that, most people don’t know why. So, why is it so healthy for the human body? For starters, it’s full of Vitamin C and A, one of the highest out of all fruits. They’re also quite versatile and you can eat them however you like, like you can eat them frozen or add them to your morning cereal.