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9 Celebs That Went From ‘Win’ To ‘Fail’ Because Of Their Addiction

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It’s not a secret that some of the biggest Hollywood stars have struggled with some kind of addiction, sometimes the results were tragic.  Being famous isn’t always fun or easy…together with fame and fortune comes unlimited access to many temptations such as drugs, alcohol and the worst is the combination of them both.  Unfortunately, some of our favorite stars of all times couldn’t overcome their addiction and faced death. A recovery for some may seem hopeless but others have made peace with their addiction and went on living healthy lives. From Charlie Sheen to Ozzy Osbourne, Macaulay Culkin and the legendary king of rock n’ roll – Elvis Presley

These Are The Stars Who Suffered From An Addiction:

1. Ozzy Osbourne

The Black Sabbath leading singer has abused drugs and alcohol for most of his adult life. He was arrested for domestic violence in 1989 and also for breaking and entering and public urination.


In April 2013, Osbourne revealed that he had resumed drinking and taking drugs for the past year and a half, but said he had been sober again since early March.