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9 Disgusting Ingredients That Were
Found In Food

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Everyone eats out once in a while… after reading this you might think twice before going to a fast food restaurant, or at least make sure to inspect each bite you’re about to put in your mouth. Sometimes, you get much more than you paid for! From a backed mouse in a loaf of bread to French onion soup served with a condom, here’s a list of 9 meals that made their diners feel sick….

1. Man Finds Dead Mouse in Loaf of Bread


If you’re eating, you might want to set your meal aside. An Irish man purchased a loaf from the nearby supermarket. Luckily for him, before he took that first bite he noticed the mouse that was imbedded in the loaf. The local magistrate levied a £1,000 fine on the bakery in favor of the customer.