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Gravity Glue: Crazy!!!

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STONE BALANCE: Gravity is the only “Glue” that holds these structures in equilibrium

ARTIST: Michael Grab

a8336f07230a623f4ef5e71e60c52308Michael Grab’s art of stone balance exhibits real rocks that are balanced and photographed. The process boils down to contemplative stone arrangement; involving patience, adaptation, slow-breathing, steady hands, and a plethora of other practiced skills…

He began balancing rocks through somewhat of a whim in the Summer of 2008 while exploring Boulder Creek in Boulder, CO, USA. Since then, simple curiosity has evolved into a prolific creative passion, and daily meditative practice. He quickly noticed the unique effect that his creations had on himself and others, often inspiring a sense of magic and peace; a sense that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.


For him this reflects our own potential to maintain a still-point amid-ts the variety of challenges we each face throughout our lives.