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8 Hot Hollywood Ladies With Real-Size Bodies

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A quick look at some classical art pieces can reveal how much have our beauty model been transformed over the years. The once curvy and voluptuous feminine figures that used to be adored have been replaced by skinny, carved women’s bodies, and it is no surprise that girls all over the world suffer from serious issues of body image and eating disorders. To balance things up a bit, here are some 8 amazing stars who are a living proof that women can be both real-sized and extremely hot:

1. Christina Aguilera

Ranked number one on Maxim’s Hot 100 Women of 2003, Aguilera has also appeared on every one of Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 of the year lists, for 11 years in a row. Regarding her look, Christina said she’s been constantly criticized since her career took off at 17. We can never be perfect, said the singer, and women need to be strong and confident since they are under massive scrutiny. Her secret is to be happy in her own skin, and that’s all the confirmation she needs.