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10 Incredible Yummy Meals Apple
Employees Get

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Apple is well known for its attention to details… Luckily for the employees, Apple makes sure that the food served in the campus will be creative as its products.
Apple opened a stunning new Café Macs employee cafeteria in last June, located next to the company’s campus building in California. Café Macs, serves employees daily with a variety of meals from all kind… and the employees’ biggest problem is choosing between Sushi, Ramen Burger, Oysters or Spanish paella with shrimp. Not like in the past, the apple’s cafeteria is out of limit to those who aren’t apple employees. So all we’ve got left to do is to look at the employ’s tweets about eating their food and drool! The variety at Café Macs is seemingly endless, here are 10 Best On-Campus Meals Apple Employees eat every day.

1. Misoyaki black cod


served with purple rice, Roasted sesame and spinach.