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17 Inspiring Success Stories of Famous Figures

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The saying goes that if life ever only gives you lemons to work with, you make lemonade with them. If you have enough, make a lemonade stand and profit from it. Or, at least that’s what most entrepreneurs would tell you. But, little did you know that some of the most prominent figures today started out with less than a lemon in life. Using their intelligence, sheer will and determination, these now-famous figures climbed their way to the very top. Curious to see which famous figures started out in life with much less than the average person?
Read on below to find out!

1. Oprah Winfrey


Born to a housemaid and a coal miner, Oprah’s life growing up is far from her life today. She eventually got her break and got a job as a newsreader in a local black radio station. After this, she bounced from one station to another, with some firing her because she got too emotional in her stories. She didn’t let this stop her, though, and one of her demotions eventually led her to the highest-rated talk show she is now hosting today.