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13 Lies Everyone Believes About Violence (Thanks to Movies!)

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We all know that movies tend to lie, doing so for the sake of entertainment. This is why many directors put a lot of emphasis on “realism” and how to sell that lie to viewers and/or audiences. However, despite how good a movie sells a lie, it’s still a lie. And, it’s best that you know, the viewer or audience, know when you’re being lied to. More so when it comes to violence, as movies tend to take certain liberties when it comes to telling a story. With our help, you’ll get to know some of the biggest lies filmmakers shove right into your face and the truth behind them.

1. Silencers


 All movies who show that silencers turn loud guns whisper-quiet are lying to you. In reality, a gun shot is about 160 decibels. With a silencer, it’s down to 120 decibels, which is just about as loud as a jackhammer.