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9 Life Cheats That Will Improve Your Everyday Life

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A good hack, or rather, a tip or two can help turn anyone’s life around. Trust me. Knowing how to do something more efficiently could earn you the attention of your boss, which in turn could make you a candidate for promotion. Sure, that seems like a far-fetched idea, but it is possible. And, while there’s no way that anyone can hack life, we can at least try to do so. Plus, knowing how to do something in a “lazier”, and a more effective manner is always welcome in anyone’s book too. That said, we’ve taken the liberty to look up a few life tips and found these to be the most effective in making our lives much easier.

1. Productivity Hack


Another way to start your day off on right note is to prioritize your least favorite tasks first. At work, do stuff assigned to you that you particularly don’t like the first thing you get there. With stuff that you “like” the only ones left, the rest of your work day just got a little easier.