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13 Life Saving Tips That Will Save You
In a Disaster

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To survive is a human being’s most basic instinct. It’s something that we do, whether we like it or not. This is why many people survive tragedies and disasters. But, most of the time, people survive out of luck, not out of knowledge. They survive because they were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. Sure, some survive because they’re prepared, but that’s not likely. Now, if you survived, don’t take this as an insult. Chances are, you could’ve done a lot better, which is why this article is here. These thoughts, tips and facts or so-called life hacks can help your chances of surviving any disaster.

1. Makeshift Candles


Break the tip of a crayon and light it off like a candle. It should last for more than a few minutes, long enough to give you enough time to find a few things. Mind you, it smells bad, so don’t rely on crayons all the time.