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Most Embarrassing Ways To Die

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While it’s most likely true that once you’re gone you no longer care, it would still suck to spend your last moments of life knowing you’re a total idiot. It sucks even harder when your idiocy makes it harder for those who know you to mourn with a straight face, and in dignity.

Laughing To Death

laughing to death

Like this pair of medical professionals who worked for the fire department, right up until their death by laugh gas. Carol and Mark made the mistake of inhaling laughing gas (nitrous oxide) without bothering to mix it with oxygen – causing them to suffocate to death. They were found by Mark’s son. Mark was eulogized by Washington DC’s official spokesman saying he was “one of the most educated and highly trained people we had.” This death not only embarrasses Mark, but the entire DC fire department.

Hidden Barrel

ring gun

No one wants to die before they get a chance to shed their hipster persona and grow up. But this guy was piling on the sins – and that came back to shoot him. This guy tried to steal a ring from a yard sale, only to discover in the most fateful way that it was also a gun. Yikes…

Door Crasher

streaking wedding

It’s never easy to watch the woman you love marry another man. But the solution should never be to show her she’s making the right decision. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what one man died doing. He streaked her wedding, crashed into a glass wall – and died from the collision.

Super Fall

super fall

When a man donned a cape and mask to go save the world, he should have first advised the movie The Incredibles from 2004, because they would no doubt have warned him that a cape is its hero’s bane. The self proclaimed super hero was trying to stop some kids from using drugs, when he stepped on his own cape, slipped, and fell to his death.