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Most Famous Portrait Photographers
In The World

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What do all famous portrait photographers have in common? A true talent knows how to show the true identity of the person. The photographer has to catch just the right moment and tell the real personal and cultural story. Here are 10 examples of famous travel portrait photographers.

1. Steve McCurry


00735_19, 0735_19, Rajasthan, India, 2010

Steve McCurry is best known for his photograph “Afghan Girl.” It was taken at a refugee camp in Peshawar back in 1985, and it’s the most recognized photo by National Geographic. The Afghan girl remained unknown for many years, until McCurry had the chance to meet her again. In 2003, the National Geographic photographed her again and reveled her name for the first time – Sharbat Gula. McCurry has taken many other famous portraits, each one enfolds a deep emotional story.