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7 Most Isolated Tribes & Communities

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There’s said to be about a hundred or so “remote tribes” in the world right now. Impossible as it may seem , but it’s true. There really are people who have yet to come in contact with the outside world. Living in some of the most isolated regions of the world, these people retain the customs and traditions that we’ve all forgotten. And, while they may seem like primitive in the eyes of many, they provide an excellent glimpse of the past. A glimpse of what we were like in the years before. For this very reason, anthropologists are eager to find where these people are, come in contact with them and understand them. This is so as to understand how modern culture has developed and evolved over the centuries.

1. Brazilian Tribes


The Brazilian government has been trying for years to find out just how many tribes live in the Amazon’s most isolated regions. From greetings of arrows, to specks from satellite sweeps in “uninhabitable” places, all their searches have somehow yielded results over the years. But, there’s yet to be any real physical contact between the outside world and the isolated tribes.