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11 Most Pristine Beaches in the Whole
Wide World

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Most of us would just want to spend some of our summer days away from everything else in the world. And, preferably, at a beach with some of the clearest water in the world. But, that’s not always possible as we don’t really known which places these are and quite frankly, going there can be quite the hassle. Though, if you’re willing to go the extra mile for your R and R, there are many beaches in the world with pristine waters. And, if you’re even up for some adventure, there are much rarer beaches whose waters are so clear that they’re almost dreamy. That said, here are some of the beaches and places throughout the whole world with the world’s clearest waters.

1. Pupu Springs, New Zealand


The Lord of the Rings films showed the world how beautiful New Zealand is. But, it didn’t really capture the entirety of it. Truth is, the country has some of the beautiful spots the world has to offer, one of which is the Pupu Springs. Located in the country’s South Island, the  springs’ clarity has led the Maori people to believe that it has spiritual healing powers. That alone is testament to just how clear the water of the spring is, all 14,000 liters per second of it.