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9 Parasites: Real Life Super Villains!

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Who needs the comicverse to live among beings with superpowers whose existence makes us fear for our own? Or at the very least cringe, twitch and be very very afraid to go outside, or eat, or drink water, or basically live. These baleful creatures are called parasites, and they constitute some 80% of all living beings on this earth.

They come in many forms – big and small – and cause various amounts of destruction while leaching off others…


In case you missed it, this toad has a huge parasite in its eye. What you can’t know from this still image is that this worm is constantly moving and wriggling about in the toad’s eye. So what kind of worm does that? And how does it get there? Well, the answer to the first question is kind of obvious: A parasite. The second answer: It probably burrowed its way in there. The creepy part? This can happen to people too – and has happened. The worms eats away at the retina causing the “host” vision problems – which makes sense considering the parasite is eating the retina.