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11 Places With Fastest Internet
Speeds the World Has To Offer

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Cities and states will always be different from one another. Countries, more so. They’ll always have one thing that another can’t enjoy, whether it be safety, quality of living, better employment rates, etc. But, when it comes to many things that a city can have which others are envious of, internet speeds are on top of that list. In a world where connectivity is vital, reliable and fast internet speeds are necessary. Without it? Most people wouldn’t be able to make a living properly. That being said and done, internet junkies out there will be happy with this list. Why? Because below, you’ll find cities from all around the world that enjoy the best internet speeds!

1. Hong Kong


Hong Kong’s average speed is an impressive 13.3 megabits per second. That’s more than thrice as fast as the global average. What’s even more surprising is that Hong Kong’s average has steadily gone up over the past few years. So much for one of the world’s smallest nation, right?