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Power Foods When You’re Feeling Sick
Or Just … Hungover

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The flu and being hungover are two things that will absolutely make you feel useless. Not only will these two make you feel heavy, but it’ll make you feel like the whole world just rested upon your shoulders.

You’ll feel tired, dizzy, even nauseous and even not wanting to eat and well, that’s not exactly good for you.

After all, it’s not like the flu only hits on days where you have no work or that you only get a hangover on rest days. Fact is, these two things can strike you almost anytime and because of that, you have to always be ready.


To help you with this, here are a few items that’s sure to take the edge off and make you feel a whole lot better.

1. Popsicles. These sweet treats are the best way to ease a sore throat or make you feel hydrated if you’re hungover or when you have the flu.


2. Tomato Juice. This power juice will fill you up with almost all the daily vitamins and minerals you need, not to mention much needed hydration when you’re feeling a bit under the weather.


3. Honey. Honey is sweet, but it isn’t exactly something that diabetics should avoid. The reason for this is that despite the fact that it’s high in sugar, it’s all natural and that it’s also filled with anti-oxidants.

For those who want to get the most out of this sweet treat, add a few teaspoons to your favorite tea and you’ll have yourself a combo of two of the most effective natural anti-oxidants in the world.


4. Ginger. Ginger is heaven-sent for those feeling nauseous or for those who have a runny nose and even for those who have a hangover. What’s nice about ginger is that you can add it to your tea and add in honey to make yourself quite the healthy beverage.

Even on it’s own and prepared as ginger ale, it’s still quite the potent drink so be sure to have a couple in your house just in case.

Source: howbenefitstea.com

5. Eggs. The protein found in egg helps stabilize your blood sugar, you know when it’s all spiked up after a night of drinking. Eggs also contain cystine which helps in breaking down toxins, making a nice omelet a great hangover breakfast.

source: nerous.org

6. Bananas. Whether you’re down with a flu or you’re suffering from a terrible hangover, these potassium filled goodies will greatly help replenish your electrolytes.

source: aliljoy.com

7. Toast. These goodies are high in starch, easy to make and will NEVER taste bland.

Pair it with margarine and egg and you’ve got a nice breakfast to help your liver get back on track after a night of binge drinking.

source: miteshfoods.com

8. Coconut Water. People say a lot of things, but what they say about coconut water is true. Coconut water actually is a lot better than sports drinks and will replenish much more electrolytes than their chemical-filled counterparts.

source: healthystepsinfo.com

9. Spicy Food. Those who have stomach problems may want to avoid any types of food that’s in any way spicy. But, if you’re suffering from the flu or if you have a runny nose, then spicy food is one of the best natural decongestant you can find.

source: flickr.com

10. Vitamin C. There’s substantial proof that Vitamin C or citrus fruits, for that matter, helps boost the immune system by a whole lot.

source: vanhijfte.com

11. Tea. Maybe, just maybe, the reason why Japanese are the longest living people in the world is that they drink so much tea. Though, as far as immediate benefits go, you’ll tea as a nice cure for sore throat and congestion.


 12. Crackers. I know that this is unusual advice, but a pair of crackers or two will make your digestion issues go away in no time. Make sure to go with the unsalted types for better results. 

source: nibbleybits.blogspot.com

13. Prickly Pears. This spiky fruit that you’ll normally find in catci is a nice snack to munch on as it pumps your body full of anti-inflammatory agents.

source: ladonnadelvine.com

14. Broth Soup. They say that soup will always feel you better, but none more does the job than the classic broth soup. As long as it’s prepared naturally, it will be filled with cysteine which will help ease your runny nose in case you have a cold or a flu.

source: homefront.prudentliving.com

After knowing this, I’m quite sure you’l have lots more to add for your grocery list over the weekend. I don’t blame you. A hangover cure or anything to ease the headache is and will always be more than welcome. Besides, it’s not like everything in this list is just for the frequent drinker.

With all that it contains, I hope that this list has helped you as much as it helped me.

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