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11 Public Figures Who Secretly Lived
Double Lives

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The average person bounces around from one job to another before finally settling for life. In between those jobs, the average person reinvents himself to become “better” than he was. And, because we think that ONLY the average person does this, we rarely care if famous figures lived the same lives as we do. After all, they’re famous and they’re powerful, so we have little reason to assume that they are just like one of us. But, it turns out that they are and more. Fact is, aside from bouncing from one job to another, a few famous figures seem to live a double life, the other of which usually being different from what they’re most famous for.

1. Anna Chapman – CEO / Playboy Model / Spy

Former Russian Spy Anna Chapman

CEO of her own international real estate company, Anna Kushchyenko in real life lived a double life. Nobody even knew about this, not even her husband. After getting arrested, Anna proved that she’s basically, Natasha Romanov in real life. Now a famous russian model, this former CEO and Spy could still be working for the Russian government.