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9 Shocking and Disgusting Ingredients
That You Probably Eat Everyday!

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Food labels almost always tell the whole story when it comes to the food you and I eat.

Unfortunately, food labels don’t show enough information, such as stuff like where the ingredients of the things you’re eating came from.

1. Pink Slime is the perfect example of what exactly it is I’m talking about!


What it is

Pink slime is beef or beef trimmings or any beef “rejects” that’s been treated with ammonia and processed over and over again to make it viable for use!

Where you’ll find it

No, it’s not ice cream and you won’t find pink slime there. In fact, you’ll find pink slime on most commercial chicken nuggets, hambugers and even hotdogs!

Now, if that shocked you, wait till you get to know a bunch of other shocking and disgusting ingredients that you’re probably eating everyday!

P.S – Do stop eating before moving on. I don’t want to be blamed for you puking or anything.