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11 Tattoo Corrections That Only Made Things Worse

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Let’s face it. Not everyone knows how to make a good decision, especially when we’re talking about tattoos. You could even say that for every person that has an awesome tattoo, there’s got to be about a dozen or a hundred who regrets ever getting themselves inked. It’s not that the tattoo artist is bad, it’s just that their preferred designs aren’t exactly as good as they thought it’d be. And, because of some particular reason, a few of these people with bad tattoos make a decision that’s far even more shocking than their first ink. What is it you may ask? It’s trying to fix their tattoos, which somehow only made things worse. MUCH WORSE.

1. From Hate To Laughter


 To be honest, this is a nice attempt to salvage an otherwise horrible tattoo. Kudos to the tattoo artist for coming up with the design.