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These NFL Teams Shocked The World At The Superbowl!

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Every year, the best teams of the NFL go on to play in the Super Bowl. Each of these teams play only for one thing, the Lombardi Trophy. That’s the trophy awarded to the winner or the last team standing. And, while the strongest teams have often won, sometimes, that isn’t always the case. There are times where the underdogs go on to have a Cinderella type of season with an ending fit only for fairy tales. These teams, through sheer determination and will, as well as a bit of luck, did the unthinkable. They won the Lombardi Trophy when clearly, the stacks were more than stacked against them.

1. Green Bay Packers (2010)


Back in 2010, experts claimed that the Green Bay Packers were in place for a run at the title. But, with up to 16 players on the injured reserved throughout the season, they limped through the regular season. The Superbowls, however, were a different story. They beat the Eagles, Falcons, Beers and the Pittsburgh Steelers to win it all, 31-25. For all his efforts, Aaron Rodgers received the Super Bowl MVP award.