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These Rescued Dog Transformations Will Bring You To Tears!

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Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason, they’re all loving and loyal creatures at heart. Unfortunately, not every one of them had a chance to grow up to become the dogs they ought to be. Some weren’t even given the chance to grow up at all. Some dogs, for whatever reason there is, were just left all alone to fend for themselves by their owners. With little food to eat, their owners eventually left them to “rot” and die on the streets. Luckily for some of these dogs, good people in this world decided to make an effort and “rescue” them. The results, of which you’ll find below, will shock you. They may even put a tear or two or more in your eye/s. After all, it’s hard NOT to cry when you consider just how much help these dogs needed and what happened when a few random strangers lent a helping hand and make them feel loved for the first time in their life.

1. Shaw


Shaw once received help from TAF when a group called them when they saw the dog’s collar had caused a huge, nasty infection. The dog was in so much pain back then. The good thing was that TAF’s vets were able to perform surgery and clean out the wounds without any complications. The recovery process took weeks, but Shaw recovered fully and was later adopted by a wonderful family!