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9 Things That You Should Hide From Everyone

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There are just some things that are just too personal to talk about. Sure, they may seem funny, like how full of puke your couch or bed is. But, trust me, nobody ever wants to hear that. Though, your couch isn’t the only thing that you should never talk about to other people. Whether it’s going to hurt your chances of getting taken seriously or of getting a job, be sure to take note of these things below. These things are just too personal and too gross for you to brag about it to anyone, EVER.

1. Your Bedroom


No matter how messy your bedroom is, you should never tell anyone about it. Nobody really wants to know when was the last time you took the time to clean off all the litter under your bed. Or, when you took out the mattress to dry off in the sun after puking on it so many times after binge drinking for weeks at a time.