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9 Ways You Can Help Your Mother Get Around The PC

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Your mother, for most of your life, has been the one doing the teaching. She taught you how to talk, walk, read, shout, and pretty much do anything that you know how to do right now. It’s safe to say that without her, you wouldn’t be half as good as you are right now. But, even if your mother’s the best teacher you’ve ever had, there are some things that your mother does not know how to do. The internet, for one, is a very unfamiliar place for many mothers around the world. And, in this article, we aim to help you, the sons and daughters, teach your mom to know her way around the PC. Albeit, in a funny way.

1. “Frank, My Son!”


Your mother, as a parent and as someone who probably makes more money than you do, will have a credit card. This makes her easy pray for phishing scams. It’s best that you teach her about these stuff, especially about emails that tell “her” that she’s rich.