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You Won’t Believe The Creepy Things
These Kids Said To Their Parents!

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Redditors, those who frequent Reddit.com, come up with some of the creepiest things ever.  Though, while Redditors have already come up with some eerie things, you can always count on them to find ways to top themselves every now and then.

This time around, one Redditor found the best way yet to top some of their creepiest ideas! How did he do it? He simply asked the mommies and daddies of the community to answer one question: “What is the creepiest thing your child has ever said to you?”

Being a viral community and all, the thread garnered hundreds of creepy responses.

In fact, you can visit the thread yourself and you’ll definitely find a few stories of kids that may very well grow up to be full-grown psychopaths. An even closer look will show you that some of them seem possessed, while some may even see dead people. There are even kids that are obviously  going to murder someone at some point, probably soon.

Knowing this, I’m quite sure you’re curious now. So, to save yourself the trouble of having to look for the thread yourself, we went through the trouble of writing down some of the creepiest things we found on the list.

Don’t worry. Even though what these kids said are undoubtedly creepy, you’ll find the “non-threatening” stock photos a bit, well … comforting.







When it comes to children, miscommunication is a big thing. As I believe the creepy things these children said, which you just read above, is clear proof of . But sometimes, kids are just plain creepy and scary, which begs the question: Will these kids remember what they said when they grow up?

For those who have a similar story to share, be sure to share it with us.

Who knows, your kid, or a kid you know, may have said something that’s truly creepy and scary!